Service Platform

This section gives you access to the Service Platforms of each Network of Infrastructure within the ZeroWaste Cluster. A short description of each connected network can be found here.

With our web tools we are aiming at offering:

  • Easy access to a virtual lab
  • Choice between several equipment types
  • Savings in cost as less equipment needs to be available at your entity, incl. savings for personnel costs and maintenance
  • Time savings as time restrictions can be resolved by use of partner equipment and personnel.

And, as there is a strong connection between equipment and expertise, we can assure that the equipment is operated by experts.

How to access the NoIs?

Below you find the links to each NoIs web tool.

  • If you open the link (below) you will be redirected to a separate page with a query form.
  • You can add your specific request for your needed infrastructure in this form.
  • First, you have to choose between “equipment” or “modelling” depending on your need.
  • If you choose “modelling”, you are asked to give additional information in a comment field and to fill your contact details.
  • If you choose “equipment” you are asked to specify your query by given additional information specified in the appearing check boxes.
  • The last fields to be filled are asking for your contact details and additional comments and information which help us to fulfill your request.
  • We encourage you to give us as much information as possible in the comments fields as we want to react as fast and suitable to your request as possible.
  • After the submission of your request, we aim at contacting you within one week with indication whether the NoI is able to fulfill your request or if additional information are required to asses your query and serve your request.

If you have further questions, you can always contact your NoI contact point visible in the contact section of this website.

Currently the following web tools are available and functional: